Physical Business Data Platform


Drive the data-intensive physical business

Real world becomes data-intensive, with more connection between customers and physical business!

Forge the physical business data resource center

Create a data resource pool serving the physical business and reduce the data integration

Come from and also to the physical business

Data insights, value service



Nationwide Sensor Network

Nationwide installed physical business traffic data collection sensors, professional data service proposal, excellent local implementation and maintenance team

Super Dimensional Data Integration

Data resource center in special service of physical business, integrating multiple data resources online and offline for establishing a positive ecosystem of data digging and application; provide professional data service, including traffic analytics/customer analytics/customer portrait, and mall/CBD/industry analytics

Anytime Anywhere as You Need

Basic data service, value-added data service, and custom-made data service support anytime and anywhere.7*24 all year round, safe, stable, and quick.

Key Components