Data Service

Over Ten years’ experience in brick-and-mortar business traffic monitoring and value mining harnesses the expertise in providing all data chain management and helping the brick-and-mortar business enhance operation efficiency with technology and data.

WINNERYUN Business Big Data

WINNERYUN is a business big data platform connecting the brick-and-mortar business. Based on the physical business data collection sensors installed nationwide, WINNERYUN integrates nationwide business information and offer professional data service for the brick-and-mortar business.

Application Scenes

We provide professional data service for the commercial property, brand chain store and other industries.

Shopping Mall/Department Store

Comprehensive Business Data Service Support: Preparatory Period, Opening, New Store Period, and Stable Operation Period

Services: Mall Traffic Benchmarking丨Marketing Effect Analytics丨Customer Behavior Insights丨 Brand Business Type Comparison丨 Business Competition Analytics丨 Accurate Marketing

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Brand Chain Store

Type of Business: Catering/Service/Furnishing/Clothing/Children/Cosmetics/Entertainment, etc.

Services: Store Operation Analytics丨Traffic/Customer Profile丨 Accurate Marketing丨 Industry Analytics丨 Competitive Product Analytics丨 Benchmarking Analytics丨 Retail Site Selection丨 Business Site Evaluation丨 Traffic Prediction

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Specialized Data Team

The team members mainly come from industry-leading research consulting corporations, like McKinsey & Co and Nelson. 80% of the team members possess Master’s Degree and above, and 40% have over five years’ experience in big data analytics. Integrate the offline and online business data feeds for the consumer profile and release the industry authoritative traffic reports. The team aims to provide professional decision-making support for the brick-and-mortar business.


Senior, professional and authoritative