WINNER Technology at 2015 CCRE Summit


The 12th China Commercial Real Estate Summit has been successfully held from Apr. 10 to 11, 2015 in Shanghai. Mainly sponsored by China Commercial Real Estate Association, the summit has attracted many industry experts and enterprises worldwide to share their points of perspective on the industry innovation development. As the smart business dedicator, Mr. Zhang Hongjun (WINNER Technology Chairman), was also invited to the summit.


During the summit, Mr. Zhang made a speech on “How to Establish an Ecological System for Big Data Smart Business”. He addressed that big data features volume, velocity, variety and value, but is more about the cultivation and application of the valuable data.The smart business ecological system is more about a data platform integrating the customer information, interactive experience and precise offline marketing. The data platform not only gets to enhance the customer’s shopping experience, but also helps the brick-and-mortar business managements to acquire the data information of their target customers for precise and interactive marketing. 


Furthermore, Mr. Zhang also shared his opinion on the internet innovation applied in other industries (Internet Plus). The internet age imposes big significance of innovation on the sustainable development of an enterprise. With a commitment to create a more intelligent offline shopping environment, for the past ten year, WINNER Technology has been in constant pursuit of business technology innovation. The speech of Mr. Zhang won the high appreciation from the present guests. During the tea break time, Mr. Zhang also had an in-depth discussion on the current industry development, WINNER’s latest products, and future development trend with other enterprises, like Mr. Che Jianxin (Chairman & CEO of MACALLINE), Mr. Hu Jin (Vice CEO of Greenland Group), and Mr. Zhou Zheng (Vice President of COFCO).

There will be more and more shopping centers and brick-and-mortar brand stores shifting towards the smart business ecological system, centering on shopping experience and life service. WINNER Technology’s smart business solution aims to help the physical business realize data integration and analytics for the enhancement on shopping experience and business profit. WINNER Technology will continue to assist the brick-and-mortar business realize all-digital operation by establishing a data integration platform.

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