WINNER Technology at the Sixth Mall China Shopping Center Brand Retail Channel Summit


The 6th MALLCHINA China (Shopping Center) Retail Channel Forum and 2015 China Commercial Real Estate Investment Cooperation Conference was held in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao on Apr. 8th - 10th, 2015.The conference was organized by MALLCHINA. Themed by "Retail Channel - From Competition & Integration to Return to Origin", the conference attracted many famous commercial real estate developers, shopping mall operators, retailers, investors and service agencies in China and abroad.

Shanghai Winner Information Technology Co., Inc.  (Referred to WINNER Technology hereinafter) was also invited to the summit as the exhibition sponsor.

As the co-organizer of the conference, Shanghai WINNER Information Technology Co., Inc. was also invited to attend the conference.As the leading offline consumption data providers in China, WINNER Technology’s smart shopping solution has attracted the attention of many brick-and-mortar retailers in its booth during the exhibition. WINNER Technology’s smart shopping solution includes traffic counting and analytics system, video-based intelligent parking system, Wi-Fi coverage positioning system, remote store patrol system, electronic shopping guide system and business district data integration service. According to different commercial operators’ demands, we can provide customized solutions to help them realize data-driven business operation and multi-channel marketing to cope with the mobile Internet era changes and challenges.


In addition, Mr. Pan Xiaojun (WINNER Technology Sales & Marketing GM) also joined the conference dialogue session as specially invited lecturer. Focusing on the discussion topic “How the shopping mall and retail store get the best performance per area”, Mr. Pan Xiaojun shared his opinions based on his many years of industry working experiences. The key to improving the PPA lies in the acquisition of the shopper behavior data by using advanced data analytics technology. Precise marketing can improve customer service, enhance customer royalty, and promote the conversion rate and the average transaction value; at the same time, a scientific KPI performance evaluation system with incentive staff policy can improve the staff's service enthusiasm and quality. Mr. Pan's opinions won a high approval from the participants. Besides, Mr. Pan also mentioned the great significance of WINNER Technology’s traffic counting and analytics system for WANDA Group and Longfor Group in enhancing the performance per area. Other dialog discussion guests include Wu Di (GM of Commercial Real Estate Management Dept., vanke,), Zhang Yanbin (Chairman and President of Caven Group Company), Xu Ying(Vice President of SCPG), and Yulong(Board Director of O’blu) and so on.


WINNER Technology has been committed to professional data mining and analysis to help the brick-and-mortar businesses realize data-driven operation. With innovative business models and win-win business philosophy, we will continue to facilitate the technology innovation for offline smart shopping and establish the data platform for the brick-and-mortar business.



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