Customer Data-“Smart Store” Impetus



At the era of O2O application, it is a trend for the retailing to consider how to collect the data on the customer’s shopping behavior and further utilize the accurate analysis to promote the sales  value and make the business management more efficient.

Brick-and-Mortar Store needs data most

Nowadays, the physical stores seem to have much business data resources, like POS, purchase-sell-stock, CRM, and supply chain, all of which, however, is all about the transaction. It is hard for the store management to know about the visitors without shopping. The physical stores hope to acquire the associations among the customers, stores and the merchandises, just like online business. Analytics on shopping preference, merchandise attention, in-store fitting-on, and sales efficiency can be applied for sales promotions.

 “Portrait” on the Offline Store and Customer

Where do your customers come from? How? When? What is the frequency? The age, gender, shopping preference and habits? Which merchandises have been browsed? How long? How many visitors come without transaction?

WINNER’s Smart Store solution can help the store management acquire the traffic data, customer consumption information, shopping behavior and merchandise attention. The solution can bring the customers much better shopping experience and meanwhile establish an integrated business data platform for the retailing, aiming to promote the conversion ratio for the retailing based on great shopping experience and service. 


 “Smart Store” solution

The solution can provide the brand a keen insight into the store business detail (including the shopping preference) for accurate marketing and business efficiency improvement. Other than that, it also offers multi-channel shopping, like mobile payment and shopping sharing. 

Data Collection and Integration

Traffic Counting System

The store management can acquire more efficient traffic data: traffic change trend, conversion ratio, average transaction value, effectiveness of marketing promotions, and the influence of weather and holidays on the traffic volume, etc.

Entry Perception

Wi-Fi perception can realize the tracking and collection on the visiting time, visiting frequency and dwell time, etc of the customer/store staff . The multiple identification methods of the WI-FI system can acquire the customer’s MP/WeChat/Weibo/QQ, combined with the original VIP information, which helps to pinpoint the core valuable customers for accurate marketing.

Remote Store Patrol

WINNER remote store patrol system enables the headquarter management to run real-time inspection on the nationwide stores regarding the store merchandise display, staff appearance, store promotions activity, store security , and the inventory, etc. , aiming to promote the business operation level.

City Business Circle TSI

Reflect the changing competition of the mall; Non-relevant to the total traffic in the business circle; Relevant to the mall performance; Relevant to the performance of other competitors; TSI report (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

Data Analytics and Application:

Collect the data transmitted from different terminal devices, audit and monitor the data validity and the device running status; data analysis integrated with POS, CRM and Business Circle data index, etc. and presented in multiple graphics. WINNER smart store solution offers a more flexible and efficient business model for the physical stores in merchandise management, evaluation of store operation, and offline activity planning, etc.


WINNER Technology has been dedicated to promoting the business operation and providing the customers with more satisfying shopping experiences with continually innovative technology and services in commercial real estate and retail industry. To date, WINNER Technology has more than 300 employees and 61 service points nationwide, providing professional service for 12,000 plus chain stores and over 600 large shopping malls.

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