Mall China International Symposium – WINNER Mr. Xu Addressed


Sept. 22-24, 2014, 12th Annual Conference of Mall China International Symposium & 2014 Asia-Pacific Commercial Real Estate Trade Fair had its grand opening in Beijing Wanda Search Hotel. Mr. Xu , Deputy GM of Winner Information Technology Sales & Marketing Center, was invited to make a speech” Data Value to the Informationization Analytics of the Physical Stores ”at the mall operation symposium with a theme ”Arise the shopping center operation to science”. 

Mr. Xu, in his speech, made a statement about the division of the target customers from different dimensions, started with the current trend of O2O development; Mr. Xu also gave a specific account on WINNER’s “Smart Shopping” solution for the enhanced shopping experience of the customers. WINNER Smart Shopping Solution also aims to help the mall executives better understand the shopping behaviors of their customers, further establishing a professional informationization analytics platform. Mr.Xu’s speech got to win great appreciation and credit for its more practical implementation.  

At the Mall Operation Symposium, Mr. Wu (Tianjin Joy City GM) gave a speech on “New Development of O2O in Retailing and Shopping Center”; Mr. Liu, Honorary Council President of Taiwan Shopping Center Association, also proposed a subject on “Opportunities and Challenges for Shopping Center at Big Data Age”. Mr. Xu’s speech produced great sympathy among the present mall managements, who were pleased to get a share on WINNER offline customer data collection and application. 

Mr. Xu Giving a Speech



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