Langold SONE PARK Launches WINNER Intelligent Video Parking Charge System


The SONE PARK, with a total building area of 47,000 , is positioned as a casual lifestyle business street, pursuing the business concept ”Guide the quality life, satisfy your multiple demands”.



Based on its specific demands for information construction, Shanghai WINNER has tailored the Intelligent Video Parking Charge System for Wuhan SONE PARK with its advanced core technology in video analytics and identification of car license plate /car body, combined with other technologies of communication, control and data base. The construction of the customized system got approval and launched for use in August, 2014. 





The system adopts advanced identification technology of car body and license plate, realizing the quick approach without fetching the parking card. When the car drives to the entrance, the HD camera installed at the entrance will automatically do the car plate identification and feature capture, and then the barrier will be automatically rose for the car to pass. The whole process is quite smooth.








When the car drives to the exit, the HD recognition camera will automatically take a picture on the car and identify its license plate and type, helping the system to automatically give the charge result for the car owner to leave in a quick way. More to come, WINNER has also developed its own technology of car body identification to efficiently resolve the charge problem of cars with no license plates, promoting the charge efficiency and accuracy. In addition, the parking charge at central booth and by iPad can greatly relieve the charge pressure at peak hours to ensure a smooth car flow at the exit. Meanwhile, the system can help to analyze the collected car data in multiple forms of report.


The whole intelligent charge system is simple, convenient, safe and reliable with cutting-edge technology, providing the customers with brand-new parking experiences and the management a more efficient operation method.


WINNER intelligent video parking system helps Wuhan SONE PARK truly satisfy the diverse demands of the consumers by enabling them to experience the convenience of intelligent parking, taking a further step to the all-around smart marketing.


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