Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza Launches WINNER Intelligent Video Parking System


WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza is at the top of the plazas in SH with the largest accommodation and the most comprehensive trade mix and commercial infrastructures. It also harbors a compelling consumption atmosphere.

WANDA plaza attaches great importance on the concept of smart shopping and the promotion of the shopping experience. Other than the comprehensive commercial infrastructure, it also has the advanced application of data analytics. Except for the already installed shopper traffic counting system, WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza has also deployed WINNER Intelligent Video Parking systems.

Intelligent Analytic Management

WINNER Intelligent Video Parking Management System is composed of Charge System, Parking Guidance System, Reverse Car Tracking System, and Data Reporting System. With the advanced video identification algorithm, the charge system has a high accuracy rate of license plate identification, efficiently avoiding charge escape and reducing the operation cost. The charge system also supports flexible parking fee setting and multiple parking payment.

The camera installed above the parking entrance can automatically identify the VIP cars and ordinary cars, followed by the barrier raising for car driving-in. The electronic guidance screen is installed at every intersection of the parking lot for the whole-process parking guidance service. The driveway pressure gets to be relieved by efficient car traffic division from the entrance. At the exit, the automatic barrier raising after parking charge at the sentry or by PAD terminal helps to realize quick driving-out.

In addition, the highlight of the parking system is the self-service reverse car tracking part. Apart from the car tracking terminal placed at the entrance and exit or beside the elevator, the customer can also realize the car tracking on WeChat or by scanning the two-dimensional code. The system will automatically provide the best choice of the route leading to the car for the owner. Wanda Plaza has 75 vehicles without license plates everyday on average. The WINNER intelligent charge parking system can reach an accuracy rate of 80% in identifying the cars without license plates. It will first present the cars with high matching rate, followed by the manual selection. Even though you are little familiar with the plaza parking lot, the parking guidance system can always help you with a quick parking.

The plaza management can have real-time analysis on the car data in the backstage management system, like percentage of customers driving car, customer car visiting frequency, percentage of new/old customer cars, and parking space occupation rate. On the other hand, while enhancing the shopping experience for the customers, the system also has been quite conducive in cutting the cost of human resource and daily management. The plaza management can get a maximum knowledge on the plaza operation details via integrated and delicate data comparison and analytics.

Convenience Priority

From the perspective of the plaza management, WINNER intelligent parking system has done great help in promoting the use ratio of the 755 parking spaces to 4000 parking frequency, which has especially resolve the concerns of parking and tracking car after shopping on holidays. The system is also conducive to the parking lot profit. The car owners will be more ready to go for shopping in Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza to personally experience the convenience brought by the advanced technology, and meanwhile, the intelligent reverse car-tracking system will undoubtedly give Wanda plaza a great advantage in attracting more shopper traffic.


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