WINNER TRECHNOLOGY in 2014 Linkshop Convention & CRDF


Nowadays, some brick-mortar retailers show over concerns for the rising of the E-commerce. But it is no good coming from a rush decision on business orientation”. Many retail magnates expressed in 2014 Linkshop Convention & China Retailing Development Forum.

WINNER TECHNOLOGY’s Smart Shopping Solution focuses on collecting and analyzing the small shopping details of every customer from the second they enter the mall to the time they leave.

What comes with the trend of the brick-mortar retailers looking for all-channels marketing is the question that how to optimize the store performance, acquire keen insights into the customer demands, and thus carry out accurate marketing to minimize the impact of the E-commerce. 

”The relation between E-commerce and Brick-Mortar store is, in actual fact, complementary. The traditional Brick-Mortar store retailers have their own advantages in management and other resources, which can’t be tossed away. The retailers need to integrate the both two channels to acquire optimized results.” The chairman of ZHONGBAI Department Store, Mr. Chen Jun said. 

WINNER TECHNOLOGY has been committed to the business intelligence for the past ten years, cementing its focus on providing accurate data on offline customer behaviors to the retail managements for them to master the demands and shopping habits of the customers for the sake of accurate marketing.

Big Data, Your Business Impetus!


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