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In 28 Mar. 2014, the 11th China Commercial Real Estate Association Annual Conference has had its grand official opening in Beijing. WINNER TECHNOLOGY Chairman Mr. Zhang has also been invited to the Conference. During the forum conference, many industry specialist and entrepreneurs have put forward their perspectives on the impact of the big data application on the micro development of the commercial real estate and also have had a constructive discussion on the hot industry issues. WINNER TECHNOLOGY Smart Shopping Solution, combining shopper traffic analytics, Wi-Fi positioning system and intelligent parking, aims to build up a win-win value chain within the commercial real estate industry.

WINNER TECHNOLOGY is honored as 2014 China Commercial Real Estate Prominent Service Organization, Mr. Pan, the director of M&S Center, received the award granted by China Commercial Real Estate (CCRE).  

Award Granting

Mr. Pan (The third from the left)

The 11th China Commercial Real Estate Association Annual Conference is , no doubt, the most influential and grandest one in the industry of China as regards to its scale and level!

Forum Conference

For the past ten years, WINNER TECHNOLOGY has been in relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation and development, seeing eye to eye with all the leading enterprises of different fields. WINNER TECHNOLOGY’s smart shopping solution has earned a widespread acknowledgement from the domestic and foreign famous real estate groups and brand retailers.

From 2013 to 2014, China commercial real estate and brand retailing has gone through a remarkable change caused by O2O.  A series of pioneering innovation taken to make integrated analytics on the big business data have been witnessed both in the off-line and online enterprises, which can be undoubtedly a big chance and a big challenge as well.

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