“Winner Smart Shopping”- WINNER TECHNOLOGY Mr. Pan


Commercial Real Estate Leasing Convention (East China) was held in Shanghai in 18 Dec. 2013, centering on the opportunities and challenges confronted by the commercial property development and the introduction of high-quality commercial real estate project and good-performing brand retailers


WINNER TECHNOLOGY M&S Center Director   Mr. Pan

Reporter: Nice to talk with you, Mr. Pan. We all know that WINNER TECHNOLOGY leads the intelligent business in China. Would you please tell us what it is all about

The intelligent business WINNER said is mainly on providing convenient shopping experiences to the customers and accurate marketing data to the business managements. The business can manage the offline stores in the same way as the online stores. The real O2O can be put to practice using our real-time and accurate data. Nowadays, under the context where shopping malls and department stores are rushing to strengthen the experiential trade mix , WINNER TECHNOLOGY’s intelligent business aims exactly to provide the customers with comfortable shopping experience while also enhancing their royalty rate.

Reporter: Except for the widely known “Video Traffic Counting System”, could you please brief us on the “Wi-Fi positioning” and “Intelligent Parking”?

The system products you just mentioned happen to consist of our “WinnerSS1.0 Smart Shopping ”solution based on customer experience and data analysis. As the most widely used and sophisticated video traffic system in China, Winner IPVA traffic counting system has been installed in over 10,500 shopping malls and brand retail chain stores, occupying over 60% of the market share. The Wi-Fi positioning can assist the business management in further understanding the behaviors of individual customers via collecting and analyzing the customer information from their entry to exit while also providing them with available Wi-Fi connection anytime. The highlighted data analysis is no longer limited to the general and area level, but on the individual behavior for the support of accurate marketing, such as the shopping route, percentage of new and old customers, visiting frequency, dwell time, shopping habit and preference and heat map, etc. Intelligent parking solution includes three parts: intelligent parking fee charge, intelligent parking and reverse vehicle tracking. You don’t need to stop your car for the parking card, the fee charge is all intelligent. You can check and make a reservation on a parking space in advance, and the system will automatically give you the guide to the space when you drive in. When you leave, you can use the inquiry machine, client terminal, WeChat or scan the two-dimension code to locate your parking space attached with optimum reaching route.

Reporter: The intelligent parking sounds great. We don’t have to worry that we maybe can’t find the car anyway. Then, are there any malls in Shanghai now using the system already?

Yah, Wu Jiao Chang WANDA Plaza, they have installed our whole WinnerSS1.0 smart shopping solution, including traffic counting, Wi-Fi positioning and intelligent parking. You can go there for a first-hand experience.

Reporter: In the era of O2O based on CRM, LBS and big data, what do you think the “Smart Shopping Solution” can bring to the retail industry?

Nowadays, it can’t be simply said that it’s an age of e-commerce or offline retailing. With the evolution of big data, the combination between e-commerce and offline retailing is more promising. ”Smart Shopping” better integrates online with offline operation, helping the retailers more effectively implement their O2O strategy and digital CRM system. As regards to Location based Service (LBS), our Wi-Fi positioning system can automatically push store promotional information to the customers based on their specific locations.  Meanwhile, it makes diverse marketing approaches possible. ”Smart Shopping” system can provide accurate and multi-dimensional data about the customers along with other management systems, which can make all the small business details surface, contributing to the optimum analytic value of the big data. Our principle is to achieve a win-win result, providing the customers with shopping convenience and the business management with marketing insight.


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