WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza is at the top of the plazas in SH with the largest accommodation and the most comprehensive trade mix and commercial infrastructures. It also harbors a compelling consumption atmosphere. 

WANDA plaza attaches great importance on the concept of smart shopping and the promotion of the shopping experience. Other than the comprehensive commercial infrastructure, it also has the advanced application of data analytics. Except for the already installed shopper traffic counting system, WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza has also deployed WINNER “Wi-Fi Positioning” and “Intelligent Parking” systems.  As the vendor of the whole Wi-Fi Positioning system, WINNER TECHNOLOGY holds the independent development of all the system software and has a master on its implementation. WANDA PLAZA will rely on WINNER TECHNOLOGY’s SS1.0 Smart Shopping Solution to build its intelligent shopping plaza.

Entering the WANDA Plaza, the customers get to enjoy the service of shopping navigation, store positioning, reverse vehicle tracking, restaurant reservation, and social communication, etc., apart from the free access to the internet. For the plaza managements, what’s more important is that even if the customers don’t connect the Wi-Fi and install any software, their locations can still be acquired. The managements can monitor or inquire the customers’ shopping route in real-time, replay the customer distribution, and sample- analyze the shopping trajectory.  In addition, the new/old customer percentage, visiting frequency, dwell time in different locations, shopping preference and heat map can also be quite well understood. For anytime, the mall executives can check on the analytics report to do the backstage mapping management. Furthermore, the diverse marketing approaches can be achieved through pushing different promotions based on different individual locations. And WANDA Plaza just needs to do the central control to get all the multi-dimensional data analysis. 

While getting the customers an access to the internet, The coverage of Wi-Fi also provides the business management with a deeper insight into the individuals through analyzing the data collected on the customers from the moment they enter the mall to leaving, providing strong data support for the accurate marketing. 

The official implementation of WINNER Wi-Fi Positioning system has demonstrated the deepening data analysis from the overall and area scale to the specific individuals. The plaza managements can observe the even smallest operation details via delicate data comparison and analytics, which can turn into big opportunities of business promotions.



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