WINNER TECHNOLOGY “Intelligent Parking System” for SH WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza


WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza is at the top of the plazas in SH with the largest accommodation and the most comprehensive trade mix and commercial infrastructures. It also harbors a compelling consumption atmosphere.

WANDA plaza attaches great importance on the concept of smart shopping and the promotion of the shopping experience. Other than the comprehensive commercial infrastructure, it also has the advanced application of data analytics. Except for the already installed shopper traffic counting system, WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza has also deployed WINNER “Wi-Fi Positioning” and “Intelligent Parking” systems.

As the vendor of the whole Intelligent Parking system, WINNER TECHNOLOGY presented the system in three modules: Entrance & Exit Charge System, Available Parking Space Guidance System, and Reverse Vehicle Tracking SystemWANDA PLAZA will rely on WINNER TECHNOLOGY’s SS1.0 Smart Shopping Solution to build its intelligent shopping plaza.

The intelligent management and taking data analysis as the support for accurate marketing have fully demonstrate the great vision of WANDA Plaza. The introduction of WINNER TECHNOLOGY’s Intelligent Parking System will help the plaza realize the intelligent management of all its parking spaces. The successful implementation of the guidance screens, vehicle tracking terminals and the automated charge system prove that WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza has waved its goodbye to the parking card and also built up a new milestone for the intelligent business management.

Then what exactly is called intelligent shopping mall For WUJIAOCHANG WANDA Plaza, its VIPs can check on the available parking spaces and make a reservation online before driving into the plaza. After the customers drive into the parking lot, the parking guidance system will help them through the whole parking process. What is more worth mentioning is the automated reverse vehicle tracking function of the intelligent parking system. The customers can use the terminal located at the Entrance & Exit or by the doors of elevators to track on their cars. They can also locate their cars through MP terminals, WeChat, and two-dimensional code scan. As regards to the customer experience enhancement, WINNER TECHNOLOGY‘s Intelligent Parking System can be integrated with other systems in a perfect way for the management of black list and parking space lockdown.  

The plaza managements can have a real-time vehicle analysis via the backstage management system, such as the percentage of customers with cars, vehicle visiting frequency, new/old customer vehicle percentage, and parking space occupation. rate For the plaza managements, the intelligent parking system has helped to save the consumption of the human resource and reduce the management cost while also enhancing the customers ‘shopping experiences. WANDA Plaza just needs to do the central control to get all the multi-dimensional data analysis.The plaza managements can observe the even smallest operation details via delicate data comparison and analytics, which can turn into big opportunities of business promotions.


WINNER Technology has been dedicated to promoting the business operation and providing the customers with more satisfying shopping experiences with continually innovative technology and services in commercial real estate and retail industry. To date, WINNER Technology has more than 300 employees and 46 service points nationwide, providing professional service for 11,000 plus chain stores and over 500 large shopping malls.



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