WINNER Technology Leads the New Era of “Smart Shopping”


The 11th Annual Conference of Mall China International Symposium, themed by   ”Success from Persistent Demand Orientation”, had its grand opening in Beijing Grand Millennium in Sept. 13, 2013. At the great conference, sophisticated specialists and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world all shared their keen insights over the innovative development of the global shopping malls in their speeches and dialogues. “Winner SS1.0” solution (Smart Shopping Solution) from WINNER Technology, combining “Shopper Traffic Counting”, “WIFI Positioning” and “Intelligent Parking”, became the core attention of the conference, refreshing the mind of the present participants.

Mr. Zhang Hongjun, WINNER Technology Chairman, was invited to introduce the “Winner SS1.0” solution upon the customer experience and data analytics. The solution is composed of three parts, among which is the well-known IPVA Traffic Counting and Analytic System, covering plaza periphery, floor area, and store traffic counting, with a comprehensive KPIs regime. Through deep and detailed multi-dimensional data analysis, the business executives can optimize the brand portfolio, set the reasonable rent, make trend analysis, estimate the activity effectiveness, and, what is more, become well informed of the customer behavior. Mr. Zhang Hongjun points out that the overall traffic volume is just the beginning of the data analytics.

Mr. Zhang, WINNER Technology Chairman, making speech at the conference

In order to make the shopping more convenient and satisfying, the WIFI positioning of WINNER Technology provides the customers with convenient indoor navigation. The positioning technology can also carry out the analysis of individual shopping habit and pattern, new and old customer percentage, visiting frequency, and traffic heat map, forming a complete individual shopping flow, which can be analyzed with other relevant data to make more effective marketing promotions.

As an innovative application in strengthening the customer experience, the “Smart Parking” solution features many new functions, like non-stop drive-in and out, accurate signage for open space, multiple charging points and reverse car tracking. The customers can easily track down the parking location through the system terminal or cell phone APP. Meanwhile, the parking solution also helps to improve the occupation rate and consequent revenue. Other than that, the intelligent parking system can also recognize and record the visiting times and frequency of each car, which is to be analyzed with the overall car traffic volumes for more data support to the marketing decision making. 

The “Winner SS1.0” solution covers from the moment that the customers enter into the shopping mall to the time they leave, providing multi-dimensional data analysis for the business executives and pleasant shopping experiences for the customers. The solution got highly appraised with its keen digging on the customer demands and the minimum business value. It can be well predicted that with the increasing demand for detailed services, the “Winner SS1.0” solution will be adopted by more shopping malls, facilitating them to provide friendlier customer experiences.


WINNER Technology has been dedicated to promoting the business operation and providing the customers with more satisfying shopping experiences with continually innovative technology and services in commercial real estate and retail industry. To date, WINNER Technology has more than 300 employees and 46 service points nationwide, providing professional service for 10,000 plus chain stores and over 500 large shopping malls


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