WINNER Technology Granted"Supplier Strongly Recommended by CCRE”


On 3/29-3/30/2013, CCRE Summit 10th sponsored by CCREA (China Commercial Real Estate Association) was held in Wuhan WANDA WESTIN HOTEL&RESORTS. As the highest-level, largest-scale, and most influencing annual industry grand conference, the CCRE Summit 10th   drew the extensive attention of all industry chain enterprises, like developers, retailers, design companies, and fund investment banks.

As the Chinese leading supplier in traffic analytic system, WINNER Technology also partook in the summit and was granted “2013 Supplier Strongly Recommended by CCRE”.

WINNER Technology Granted “Supplier Strongly Recommended by CCRE”

WINNER Technology has been committed to providing shopping malls, department stores and chain stores with traffic counting and analytic solutions. Its served clients have included over 500 department stores and shopping centers, and more than 8,000 chain stores in over 70 cities in China.

To date, many famous domestic commercial groups, like WANDA, CapitaLand, LongFor, BAILIAN, SHIMO, SCP, CR LAND, NEW WORLD, POWERLONG, and INTIME CITY, and retail chain stores, like NIKE, PUMA, LINING, BeLLE, ETAM, ESPRIT, and WATSONS, have been using WINNER’s highly spoken traffic analytic system and other extensive services.

WINNER Technology Managing Director Mr. Zhang Hongjun and other enterprise leaders receiving the award

WINNER Technology is headquartered in Shanghai, with filiales in Beijing and Shenzhen. It has its sales branches and service network spread in over 40 cities nationwide, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

During the past nine years, WINNER Technology has been dedicated to promoting the management level of Chinese retail enterprises and striving to become the largest supplier in commercial traffic data and information. The award granted by CCRE shows great recognition on WINNER traffic analytic system and will further encourage WINNER to satisfy more clients with more superior services.


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