2015 “Transformation and Revolution” – Set Sail


Through the joy of the Year of the Horse, we usher in the Year of the Goat. For celebrating the Chinese New Year, WINNER Technology’s employees from HQ and its branches are share the joy   in its feast!

In 2015, in WINNER Technology’s HQ annual conference, themed "transformation and revolution" CEO Mr. Zhang Hongjun made a review of WINNER Technology’s development course from its development beginning in 2004 to its becoming the leading enterprises in offline traffic analytics in 2014. During the past 10 years, WINNER Technology has witnessed its growth in business development and new technology. As the new opportunities come with the mobile internet era, CEO Mr. Zhang Hongjun also pointed out WINNER Technology’s new strategic planning and goals in 2015 and for the future ten years-facilitate the technology innovation for offline smart shopping, and establish the physical business platform. WINNER Technology’s ten years’ development history and future clear development blueprint inspire every employee of WINNER Technology.


WINNER Technology has been adhering to its corporate culture "communication, harmony, cooperation and win-win". In this year’s annual conference, WINNER Technology also granted the "Outstanding Staff Award" to serious and diligent employees, the "Golden Bull Award" to those earnest and outstanding staff who have been creating value for the company, and the "Golden Horse Award" to those dedicative and outstanding staff.


CEO Mr. Zhang Hongjun toasted with all the staff in celebration of New Year. All the WINNER Technology employees drank to their heart with enthusiasm


All the annual conference shows varied in form, dizzying people’s eyes. The devoted performance from some of the employees reflects the WINNER innovation, wisdom, and confidence, winning great applause from the seated employees.






The performance is also combined with exciting lucky draw, games, and intimate interaction between the leaders and employees 

Each branch also organized colorful programs.

Beijing Branch


Chengdu Branch


Southern China


Nanjing Branch


Shenyang Branch


Xi’an Branch


The year of 2015 full of hope and challenges has come quietly. In the past year, WINNER Technology forged ahead in unity and courage. The work has achieved fruitful harvest. In the face of 2015, we are full of expectation and passion. There is a higher goal waiting for us to achieve, a larger market for us to expand, and a more spectacular career for us to play wisdom and talent. For the new year, let us sail! Together with confidence and courage, we stride forward to hug a more brilliant tomorrow!









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