2016 Fuzhou Mall China 14th Annual Meeting Came to An End – WINNER Technology Starts the Innovative Digital Operation for Physical Business


Sept. 5th - 7th, 2016, "China Shopping Center International Forum 14th Annual Meeting & Asia-Pacific Commercial Asset Management Summit", organized by Mall China, was successfully held in Kempinski Hotel, Taihe, Fuzhou. Themed "Improving and Enhancing Portfolio and Asset Management", this big conference attracts many leading investment institutions, retail brands and professional service organizations. They conducted an in-depth discussion and analysis on the capital market and commercial real estate investment strategy, collaborative integration about asset and retail management, shopping center operating system construction and key technology for value-added commercial real estate, etc.


Mr. Zhang Qiandong (first from left), the Southern Region Director of WINNER Technology, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony

 As the co-organizer of this annual conference, WINNER Technology put full participation in this event. WINNER Technology’s "Smart Shopping Solution" and "WINNERYUN Data Service Platform" was granted "2016 Chinese Shopping Mall Technology Innovation Award". On Sept.7, Mr. Yang Jincan, WINNER Technology Big Data Center Director, was invited to make a speech on the conference, where he shared with the participating guests his opinions focusing on Data-driven Physical Businesses-Data Drives the Business Innovation. Mr. Yang elaborated on how data can promote the innovative operation for the physical businesses, especially for the shopping mall, from the perspective of data application. With the diversified shopping demands of the consumers, the shopping mall must be equipped with different data collection sensors to collect and integrate the offline data and make in-depth analytics on the mall traffic and customer behavior, taking data support for the mall operation and thus realizing the asset appreciation. Meanwhile, in his speech, Mr. Yang also made a brief introduction on WINNER Technology’s WINNERYUN Data Service Platform made for the physical businesses. Taking advantage of WINNER Technology’s 200 thousand data collection sensors installed in over 300 cities and regions, and other open data resources, WINNERYUN commits to providing professional and multi-dimensional data service for physical businesses, including traffic analytics, target customer analytics, operation analytics, customer portrait, CBD contrastive analytics and other value-added services. WINNERYUN aims to realize data-intensive physical business and formulate a data resource center for physical business. 


Mr. Pan Xiaojun, WINNER Technology Marketing Center GM, (3rd from the left), received the award 

Mr. Yang Jincan, Big Data Center Director, made the speech

During the conference, WINNER Technology’s sophisticated and widely-adopted smart shopping solution and industry-leading WINNERYUN data service platform have also attracted many participants, introduced to the WINNER Technology’s high-quality solutions and data value-added services, which have been unanimously recognized and appreciated


WINNER Technology Booth

As the leading data service vendor for the physical businesses in China, WINNER Technology has been concentrating on the data collection sensor technology and data analytics service for the offline businesses during the past 12 years since its establishment, aiming to build up the relevance between the consumers and the physical businesses, so as to help them get a better knowledge about the consumers. WINNER Technology has been providing data service to more than 900 shopping malls and over 18,000 brand chain stores nationwide. 

Facilitate the technology innovation for the offline smart shopping and establish the physical business data platform.



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