WINNER Technology Joins 2017 China Commercial Real Estate Summit over Industry Integration and Innovation


2017 China Commercial Real Estate Summit, organized by Commercial Real Estate Association, was successfully held in Hangzhou Middown Shangri-La from Apr.12-14, 2017. As the specail Co-organizer, WINNER Technology was present at the conference.The “Limitless Transboundary, Resourceful Integration” themed summit has attracted many famous experts of commercial real estate, who discussed about the industry innovation strategy, shared innovation mode and resource, and shared their insights into the industry future from different perspective of view.

Summit Scene

Hosted by Commercial Real Estate Association President Wang Yongping, the summit officially got started with the opening ritual joined by WINNER Technology Chairman and CEO Zhang Hongjun. Many key guests delivered speeches and participated in the dialogs on the hot commercial real estate topics, including Gu Yunchang(Deputy Head of Housing Policy Expert Committee, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development), Wangyao( Head of China Nation Commercial Information Center), Che Jianxin ( MACALLINE Chairman), Ding Liye (SCPG Chairman), Qu Dejun( WANDA Network Technology Group), Luo Zhenyu( CapitaLand China CEO), Liu Sijun(DASHANG GROUP President), and Tang Bei ( McKinsey Global Director Partner), etc.

WINNER Technology Chairman Zhang Hongjun (Left 4th) in the opening ritual

The Award Gala “HIO CITY Night” of China Commercial Real Estate Summit, called as “Commercial Real Estate Oscar”, issued multiple awards, as an affirmation and honor for the individual or enterprises making contributions to the commercial real estate industry.

As the representative of facilitating the industry development and giving back to the society, WINNER Technology Chairman Zhang Hongjun has been dedicated to promoting the data-driven development in commercial real estate. His unique opinion on establishing a big data intelligent business ecosystem has been highly commended by the summit organization committee. Mr. Zhang Hongjun has been awarded “China Commerce Informaionization Outstanding Contribution” for his support to the industry peer enterprises and philanthropy.

The award “China Commerce Informaionization Outstanding Contribution” has also been issued to Qu Dejun( WANDA Network Technology Group), Liu Sijun(DASHANG GROUP President), and Zhou Peng( Deputy GM of Joy City) by Gu Yunchang(Deputy Head of Housing Policy Expert Committee, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development).

From Left: Liu Sijun, Wei Jianping(Representative), Gu Yunchang(Award Issue), Zhang Hongjun, Qu Dejun

As the leading data service vendor in China, WINNER Technology has been awarded” China Commercial Real Estate Outstanding Service Organization” for its great achievement and smart development concept.

WINNER Technology Vice President Pan Xiaojun(Left 1 th) Accepting the Award

Mr.Zhang Hongjun was invited to deliver a keynote speech “Build the technology and channels to integrate the online and offline business”.

Nowadays, the business model shows a great deal of innovation in China commercial real estate industry, with great challenges and opportunities. Ushering in new retail era, the online and brick-and-mortar business are confronted with multiple choices, and the most efficient way for the brick-and-mortar business to take the first chance is to get through the barrier between online and offline, further facilitating the business model transformation. Mr. Zhang Hongjun said that WINNER Technology is willing to join with other industry elite enterprises in promoting the brick-and-mortar business transformation and operation innovation.

In addition, Mr. Zhang Hongjun shared “2016 China Brick-and-Mortar Business Traffic Trend Brief” at the conference, which attracted great attention from the present participants. The brief report is based on the traffic data collected by WIINER Technology’s sensors installed nationwide. Through in-depth data analytics and data digging, WINNER Technology helps the business management to catch the opportunity of efficiency promotion and sales increase, facilitating the brick-and-mortar business to be in data-driven operation.

WINNER Technology Chairman Zhang Hongjun Delivering Speech

Famous entrepreneurs and industry experts also shared their opinions on the hot topic issues, like “Brick-and-mortar business revitalization”, “How can the new retail become good retail”, ”Business no-boundary: Redefine shopping mall”, and” The opportunity and challenge of the business assets in stock issue”.

Round Table Discussion

Many commercial real estate elites and famous medium also showed their presence in “WINNER Night” cocktail party, sharing industry development insights in a relaxing way. Famous movie and television star. Ms. Yan Ni also joined the “HIO CITY Night” Award Ceremony and expressed her wishes for the summit.

Mr. Zhang Hongjun and Mr. Wang Yongping in “WINNER Night” Cocktail Party

Famous movie and television star. Ms. Yan Ni in Award Ceremony

Dedicated to the brick-and-mortar business data collection technology R&D and application, WINNER Technology’s products and solution has been in service of many famous commercial real estate enterprises and retail brands. Going A-share listed in GEM, WINNER Technology will get to provide better service in helping the brick-and-mortar business realize data-driven management. WINNER Technology will continue to facilitate the technology innovation for the offline smart shopping and establish the data platform for the brick-and-mortar business. Integration, openness, and win-win, WINNER Technology will strive to make greater contributions to the data-driven business development with other industry enterprises.

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