WINNER Technology Title Sponsored the 11th China Commercial Real Estate Summit "WINNER Night"


In the evening of Mar. 27, 2014, the 11th China Commercial Real Estate Summit "WINNER Night" title sponsored by WINNER Technology was held in Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel. The “WINNER Night” wine party invited many well-known domestic commercial real estate and retail industry leaders, senior business management experts and professional media.

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"WINNER Night" provided a precious opportunity to the elites in commercial real estate and retail industry. As a thankful gesture for the years of support from the guests, WINNER Technology arranged professional jazz band performance, delicious buffet, and fine wine for its guests to enjoy.

“WINNER Night” Wine Party

The “WINNER Night” reception presented an amazing feast, and the on-site opinion exchange and issue discussion gave the wine party more significance. WINNER Technology’s ten years’ glorious development is inseparable from the guest support. WINNER Technology hopes that it can provide more valuable integrated solutions of the brick-and-mortar businesses. Since the launch of its smart shopping solution, WINNER Technology has been in service of more than 11,000 domestic and abroad well- known brand chain stores, over 500 large shopping malls, many outdoor scenic attractions, and some public safety places.

Mr. Zhang Hongjun, WINNER Technology Chairman, also shared his insights into the brick-and-mortar business shopper behavior analytics and WINNER Technology’s development proposition with the present guests.  

With the “WINENR Night” gradually drawing to the end, the wine party brought on more dazzling brilliance. Everyone left their most heartfelt experience and feelings in the farewell, making the most valuable contribution to the opinion discussions in  commercial real estate and retail industry.

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