WINNER Technology Attended CCFA 2017 China National Shopping Center & Experience Consumption Summit, Leading the Intelligent Business Ecosystem Upgrade


On Jul.5th,"2017 China National Shopping Center & Experience Consumption Summit”, organized by China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA), was held in Nanjing. Asthe leading brick-and-mortar business data service providers,WINNER Technology was invited to attend the summit.

WINNER Technology is the pioneer of smart shopping. Its solution products and service have been adopted and deeply trusted by multiple well-known domestic brick-and-mortar businesses in helping them realize digital operation.At this summit, WINNER Technology’s traffic analytics solution for the stores in shopping centers made its brilliant debut and successfully caught the attention of many participant commercial real estate businesses.

Consumption Upgrade Drives Intelligence Transformation in Brick-and-mortar Business


Summit Opening

Reportedly, the summit was mainly about the new business model of experience consumption in shopping centers. The summit participants were all from the leading enterprises in business intelligence reform, presenting a great attention and a heated discussion on the issues of consumption industry upgrade and brick-and-mortar business intelligence transformation.

Mrs. Wu Ruiling, Deputy Secretary General of China Chain Store and Franchise Association, in her opening address, said that the brands need to create a magnetic field attracting consumers under the circumstance of consumption upgrade;

also, the shopping centers need to build their continuous operational innovation on the consumer demands, with a win-win thinking.

When making reports on the observations of China's economic development in the middle of the year and future prospects, Mr. Shen Kunrong,the executive director of Nanjing University Business School and the specially invited expert on macroeconomics of the State Council, revealed that new consumption capacity is rising and China's future expenditure power is enormous. Besides, a new generation of technologies, such as cloud computing and big data, is rapidly penetrating into the traditional fields

The participant industry veterans also shared their opinions regarding the digital business. In the new age of technology, the core competitiveness of enterprises has been all about data analytics and application. The brick-and-mortar businesses need to set up a business intelligence system and integrate online and offline data for accurate customer profile descriptions, all to be in better service of the businesses.

Intelligent transformation means that the data itself will become the booster of shopping centers and retail brands in improving their operation efficiency by getting insights into the shopping behavior.

Traffic Management to Be the Core of Business Reform

Nowadays,the commercial real estate is beginning to present a trend of consumer-orientation and retail trade multiplicity under the background of business model update and “New Retail”. Platformization and intelligence would be a tendency for brick-and-mortar business operation with the application of Internet technology in shopping centers. The data will be the core asset of the brick-and-mortar business in the future, and its operation will be data-driven.

Where does the big data come from? They are traffic flow data, sales data and membership data.Among them, the traffic flow data, reflecting the mall popularity and the traffic flow trend, is the basis of the transaction conversion and mall operation. For brick-and-mortar business, "Customer, Commodity, Site" are the three fundamental elements in its operation, while the traffic management is right the core.

WINNER Technology has been committed to traffic analytics, aiming to promote the digital development of commercial real estate. WINNER Technology’ s

traffic analytics system, integrating traffic counting, Wi-Fi positioning and Beacon, can conduct an analysis on the customer flow volume, customer behavior, and customer attribution, etc.

WINNER Technology Booth

For example, when a customer enters the mall or store, the shopping center or the store and can acquire the basic traffic data by using WINNER Technology’s advanced traffic analytics system with patented algorithm. The basic traffic data can be integrated with other business data to collect the traffic volume per square meter and business district benchmarking; also, the integrated analytics on the multi-dimensional online and offline data can produce the customer profiles (age, visit frequency, shopping preference…), which can be used to cultivate the customer value and thus help the business realize real digital operation.

However, the increasingly diversified customer demand for shopping center service calls for an upgrade in smart business ecosystem. The data about customer traffic distribution and store performance in traffic attraction have become more and more important. The intra-field shopping behavior analytics can provide a more valuable customer insight to the mall management in judging and improving the store business performance

Store traffic analytics solution, the smart shopping “high ground”

WINNER Technology’s traffic analytics solution for the store in shopping center can provide the customer’s wandering depth, helping the mall management acquire the knowledge about the customer, enhance the tenant store service and improve the mall operation capabilities.


Guests Consulting the Solutions

The store traffic analytics system can present the traffic shopping trajectory, dwell time, customer labels, heat map and wandering depth by counting and analyzing the traffic and sales of all stores in the shopping mall. The mall management can clearly understand where customers go and stay; acquire the customer locations and shopping behavior, like brand preference and dwell time; make diagnosis on the store performance by integrated analysis on the store traffic, sales value and rent; and knock out the tenant stores with business risk to ensure rent safety and reduce vacancy rate. In daily operation, the solution also plays an important role in leasing pricing, rent negotiation, retail trade match and

According to the survey, now more than half of shopping centers in China have the demand for store traffic analytics solution. WINNER Technology’s store traffic analytics solution can help the mall increase sales and enhance its leasing and management ability by cultivating the customer demands and consumption values.

Many participants came to WINNER Technology booth for a deeper understanding of the store traffic solution and also gave it a worthy recognition that the solution can not only improve the consumer's shopping experience, but also help the brick-and-mortar business management work in a more efficient way.

The data is hailed as a new source of business, and the offline consumption behavior data will become the gas station of the brick-and-mortar business for its sustainable development.

As the first brick-and-mortar business data service vendor going A-share listed in China, WINNER Technology has been striving to facilitate the technology innovation for offline smart shopping and establish a data platform for the brick-and-mortar business. To date, WINNER Technology has installed over 200,000 sensors in more than 340 regions nationwide, in service of 1000 plus shopping malls & department stores and over 20,000 brand chain stores regarding data collection and analytics.

Looking forward, WINNER Technology will continue to give full play to its resources and take the industry reform up to a further step. We will strive to establish a comprehensive and powerful business intelligence ecosystem by providing different traffic benchmarking index, including smart business district, smart business, and smart city. We will also commit to leading the business ecosystem upgrade and initiating a smart shopping industry benchmark. 

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