WINNER Technology Awarded "2017 TOP Innovations in New Retailing"


36 KrWISE Neo Business Conference was held in Beijing from December 12th to 13th. This conference was opened to all founders, promoters of neo business and pursuers of the future value. The most innovative business elites were clustered together to witness the future evolution of neo business. 

The conference set up a special branch for new retailing, analyzing the new changes and opportunities in this industry. As the leading provider bringing shopper behavior analytics to brick-and-mortar businesses, WINNER Technology was invited to explore the commercial reforms that brought by technology changes and consumption upgrade with other industry delegates.

In the afternoon of DEC. 12th, 36Kr united Retail Boss Reference, together with some authoritative retail industry associations, senior retail research experts, media organizations and institutional investors, released the “2017 TOP Innovations in New Retailing, to honor those innovative companies and projects with outstanding performance and huge potentials.  

Having made accumulations and contributions for 13 years , WINNER Technology was honored for being on the list. We provide intelligent solutions harness the power of the commercial properties and retailers in reaching the consumers in a multidimensional way, improving the operation efficiency and achieving digital upgrade. 

2017 is the first year of new retailing. Driven by AI and cloud computing, brick-and-mortar shops started to interact with consumers, obtaining big data assets including effective recognition, customer insight and consumption preferences. Potential demand of the consumers could be discovered and activated. Thus, the intelligent ecology involving people, products and stores will be upgraded. 

As a enterprise focusing on big data analytics service, WINNER Technology has started the exploration of the operation on brick-and-mortar business offline since its foundation in 2004. Shopper traffic convergence, core operational data such as POS, intelligent application data from Wi-Fi and parking lot, together with data from cooperative partners, WINNER Technology is managing the whole data chaining. We provide service for commercial real estate and chain stores to achieve the goal of shopper traffic benchmarking, customer behavior analytics, business analysis, investment positioning and precision marketing.

In the meantime, with the deepening services and continuous refining demand of brick-and-mortar business , data of on-site behaviors, including shopper traffic distributions and merchants’ capability to attract customers are becoming more important. WINNER Technology have upgraded data service of on-site consumer behaviors, for example, where have these customers been, where’s their focus, what about their age and gender? All these data can be recognized and recorded by different statistical techniques. To understand new retailing, the following questions are concerned.“ We need to know where the hot-spots distributed, which is the most popular product, how’s the proportion of consumers’ age and gender, which marketing activities attracted the customers effectively. That is called the intelligent retailing and intelligent stores.”

2017 TOP Innovations in New Retailing” represents the affirmation and recognition by authoritative media and the public. In the future, WINNER Technology will keep innovating and upgrading, and develop the application of data service in depth. We are trying to combine ”data, technology and consumer behavior insight”perfectly. Besides, we will continuously struggle for the reformation of brick-and-mortar business digitization in China. 

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