WINNER Technology VP, Pan Xiaojun: Data Energize, Make Consumers Enjoy Shopping


On Sept.22nd, The 15th Annual Conference of MALLCHINA International Symposium & Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Service Competitiveness Summit, themed “Competitiveness Through Service Excellence”, has had its successful ending in Chengdu.

Senior experts in shopping mall and retail industry gathered here to focus on the philosophy of decision, the essence of operation, and the art of service, exploring the industry development trend and new business opportunity.

As the leading vendor of brick-and-mortar business consumer behavior analytics, WINNER Technology was invited to demonstrate its smart shopping solution during the annual conference. Mr. Pan Xiaojun, WINNER Technology VP, also delivered a speech, titled “Data Drives Smart Shopping”.

 Mr. Pan pointed out that the shopping mall aims to make the consumers enjoy shopping. Now that the consumption demand has changed, the original way to attract the consumers to come, like low-price promotions, does not work anymore. “Now the consumers begin to pay more attention to the product quality and personalized service, which, I believe, can enhance the delightful feeling of the consumers.”

Currently, while the shopping mall is facing some operation challenges, they still have little understanding about the consumers coming to their malls. “There is a transaction wall between the mall and the consumers. It’s hard for the mall management to know the wandering trajectory and shopping preference of the consumers. And what WINNER Technology does is to analyze the offline consumer behavior.”

The big picture for today is no operation to say without data analytics. Data can energize business planning, store perception and consumer operation.

Mr. Pan also shared the opinion that getting insights into the shopping preference of the consumers in the area during the early shopping mall planning can avoid the operation homogenization; and the retail store can reach the consumers accurately via different sensor technology application. In addition, the mall hopes to make precise marketing, which requires to have a comprehensive customer profile, online and offline. “WINNER Technology makes marketing promotion aiming at the customers reaching the mall or store. It is found that the reach rate of the customers receiving accurate advertising is 6-7 times of those receiving flood advertising. And a funny situation we found is that the reach rate of the customers receiving accurate advertising in footwear store is higher than that of those in clothing and maternal & infant stores.

On the other hand, data analytics can provide support in decision-making. “We evaluate the mall format distribution by benchmarking the whole business circle, providing suggestions for leasing format decision making. As regard to rent adjustment, we can see if there exist same target customers among different brand stores.” Mr. Pan also said that expensive locations are not necessarily the most appropriate ones. The key is to reach a win-win situation among the brand stores and the floors. The rent review can be made based on the traffic flow change, making more value within limited mall space.

At last, Mr. Pan wrapped up his speech by mentioning that the core logic of the future business operation is based on the people. WINNER Technology focuses on the brick-and-mortar business consumer behavior analytics, hoping to join with more industry enterprises in making more contributions to the digital revolution of the physical business.

As one of the standing council units of MALLCHINA, WINNER Technology has been in close cooperation with MALLCHINA for years, fulfilling the concept of integration, openness, and win-win while making contributions to the real estate industry transformation and upgrading. At this year’s annual conference, WINNER Technology was honored with 2017 Technology Innovation Award, which shows its remarkable technology innovation strength and data application capability, especially on the key aspects of customer traffic attraction, precise marketing, and member service.

At present, there are many domestic well-known retail business enterprises using WINNER Technology’s smart shopping solutions with great faith. WINNER Technology has been providing consumer behavior analytics to more than 1000 shopping malls & department stores and over 20,000 brand chain stores. Its mission is to facilitate the technology innovation for the offline smart shopping and establish the data platform for the brick-and-mortar business. WINNER Technology will continue to strive for the digital development of the physical business, leveraging its resource strength.

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