WINNER Technology VP and Retail Application Div. GM, Barnny Chan: Brand Chain Focuses on Comprehensive Customer Attributes and Behavior


With the consumption pattern increasingly upgrading, the revolution of the brand chain in quality and service aspects in imperative. On 26th Oct., the 6th China Brand Chain Development Conference, themed “Brand Evolution”, had its grand opening in Shenzhen.

WINNER Technology was invited to attend this conference, together with the domestic excellent retail brands and industry vendors. WINNER Technology concludes a strategic partnership with SZRBA, striving to build a comprehensive service system for the innovation transformation and healthy development of China brand chain businesses.

Barnny Chan delivered a speech titled “Where to Go for Retail - What Are You Running in Your Business?”, sharing his opinions on how to help the retail brands realize digitalization upgrade.

Retail Industry Evolution

Until now, there has been a series of change happened in the retail business, regarding its management tools, business indicators, and service.

The management tools have undergone the change from cash register, POS system, and ERP system, meanwhile, the management focus has also changed from channel, commodity to supply today.

When the management indicators have changed from turnover, to margin, and to visitor, and the evaluation unit from shop, to area, and to counter, it means that the retail industry is already in an era where refined management based on people is the focus. Brand-driven has transformed to visitor-driven. It is the mainstream to meet the consumers’ demand today. At the same time, the standard service has developed into personalized service.

Omni-bearing Shopper Traffic Management

Personalization is data-driven. Nowadays, more and more brand chains focus on omni-bearing customer attributes and behavior.

 “Do you know who your customer is, what he likes, and what he intends to buy, from when he enters into your shop until he pays and leaves?” Omni-bearing shopper traffic management has become more and more important.

 “Shopper traffic is divided into cluster and individual. Cluster shows traffic trend, while individual can tell you the gender percentage and age distribution. If there exist a relatively big relevancy between the brand products and customer age or gender, then the shopper traffic information can be a big help in making product planning and accurate product allocation, producing a closer relation between products and customers.”

Offline data will be more efficient

How could the brand shop improve its business performance and customer service through traffic management?

 “Compared to online, the offline shopper traffic data is more accurate and efficient for that the shopping behavior the most intuitive manifestation of the customer’s shopping preference. Where the consumers go, what they look, and how long they look, all of this can reflect the degree of popularity of the products.”

For the brand retailers, the change of traffic trend can help to evaluate the brand public praise and the result of marketing promotions. The store can also acquire the cost of having customer inside by putting passer-by traffic, in-store traffic and rental together for analysis.

More understanding about you customers

Last but not the least, Barnny Chan made an introduction on how WINNER Technology helps the brand store collect and analyze the consumer shopping behavior.

 “Store passer-by traffic is collected when the consumers pass by the store. After they enter into the store, their in-store wandering path will be tracked. If they stay long enough in some area, a heat map area will be made. Face recognition traffic analytics system can easily sense the age and gender of the consumers, helping the store make precise matching between its target customers and products.”

 “Shopper traffic management will become the big trend of the retail industry. Today, when the product shows high homogenization, the brand store can only stand out by knowing its own customers.”

At this conference, WINNER Technology presented the application scenarios of its smart store shopping solution via data visualization. The store management can have more understanding about its shopper traffic flow and heat map area distribution. The solution can collect and analyze the shopping behavior, and helps to facilitate the digital transformation of the brick-and-mortar business, which attracted high attention of the conference participants.

WINNER Technology’s integrated smart shopping solution has been applied and trusted by many domestic well-known businesses. It has been in service of over 1000 shopping malls and department stores, and more than 20,000 brand chain stores, regarding the offline shopping behavior analytics. In the future, WINNER Technology will continue to focus on the big data collection technology and data service application, striving to help more retailers reach their target customers in a multidimensional way, improve operation efficiency, and realize digital upgrade.


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