Social Recruitment

Whether you just graduated or have working experience in some area already, as long as you still have passion and dreams, and you are ready to work hard for the dream.

Don’t hesitate, please join us!

Work in WINNER

We are young and passionate on our road to visualizing a great dream.


Apart from aiming high to fuel each of our customers in becoming the winner in their respective industry, we, more importantly, strive to help each of our work staff achieve self-realization in their career.


We sincerely long for more talents with the same goal to join us in WINNER, where you will not only have good working treatment and environment, but also the stage for you to show your talents, enthusiasm and vigor!


Great achievement comes with ambitions and indomitability.


WINNER Technology, looking forward to you joining us!

Our Social Benefits

For attracting more talents and inspiring the employees to play full potentiality in their work, WINNER Technology provides competitive and fair salary benefits based on its practical conditions. WINNER Technology’s scientific and fair salary distribution

Quarterly Team Building Activity

Yearly Travel

Yearly Body Check

Holiday & Festival Gift

Birthday Party

Lunch and transportation Allowance

Marriage and Childbirth Benefit

Position Application

If you are interested in our work positions, there are some available ways for you to reach us. You can apply on specialized recruitment websites or email directly to our HR Department.