Smart shopping

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How to provide better customer experience? How to improve service? How to satisfy the customer demands via multiple tenant mix? How to reasonably plan the tenant mix and distribution? How to understand the customers and identify the loyal ones? How to formulate customer interaction and promote positive consumption cycle? And how to analyze activity effectiveness, shopping behavior and preference?...

Tenant Mix Innovation

Change the traditional shopping mall operation pattern into brand-new contextual and experiential business via introducing 4s theory: Service, Seeing, Socialization and Shopping.

Create Smart Shopping Mall

Establish multiple Information-based systems for getting different ways of data collection and customer experience, get rid of empiricism, and realize data-driven business operation

Establish Basic Systems

Offline (Traffic Counting, Wi-Fi Coverage, Beacon, Intelligent Parking, Digital Shopping Guide),Online (APP, WeChat Public Account, E-commerce Platform, Data Analytics Platform, CRM, Cloud POS)

Smart Shopping

STEP 01    Mall Parking Lot
STEP 02    Enter into the Mall
STEP 03    Store Shopping
STEP 04    Game, Social Contact, and Share
STEP 05    Leave the Mall

WINNER Technology Smart Shopping Solutions

Traffic Analytics

WINNER Technology’s self-developed video traffic counting system can realize accurate traffic counting by building multi-dimensional and accurate people recognition and tracking. The traffic data will be transmitted to the data analytics platform via the analytics terminal, and summarized, processed, and analyzed on the platform, providing the data support for the clients. All-round master of the traffic change plays an important role in the scientific management and marketing decision making of the mall. The traffic analytics can reflect the potential operation problems and help to adopt the relevant marketing methods and necessary security measures based on the peak/off-peak traffic hour.


Provide Wi-Fi network deployment and maintenance service; help the mall provide convenient internet service and meanwhile acquire the customer information, which, combined with the open data, will be a data support for the marketing; and the widely-accepted portal certificate way can be used with high-frequency.


The value of QMALL system on business management: Regulate Management Process + Improve Work Quality+ Make Operation Difference + Carry out Characteristic Marketing +Operation Guidance

QMALL System:Leasing Management + Tenant Management + Operation Management + Payment Management + Optimization Management


Provide value-added services with close range Bluetooth iBeacon perception technology, partial contexts as: Indoor Accurate Navigation,Pre-set Location Push,and WeChat Shake for Coupon Lucky Draw

Our independently developed algorithm can automatically filter out signal interruption and refraction, making an industry-top location accuracy. We also provide development interfaces for terminal integrations.



CRM System=Customer Analytics + Communication Service + Customer Marketing + Member Management

CRM System Mission=Reduce Operation Cost+ Enhance Customer Royalty + Improve Conversion Rate + Improve Repeat Visit + Boost Sales + Enhance Management


POS System: Cashier + Member Card + Coupon + Fans Share + Client Service + Reporting + Operation Analytics

POS System Functions: Basic Cashiering, Multiple Payments, Stimulate Credit Points Use, Multiple Channel Marketing Distribution, Online Store Service, and Store Data Support

POS System Value (Integrate Different User Information, Connect User Industry, Activity Interaction Marketing): Channel + Master User + Data Monitoring + Relevant Activity)

E-commerce Platform

“Offline + Online” creates new shopping experience: the offline business continues while online gets enhanced. integrate with the offline business, start the internet sanction to acquire online customers, and formulate a closed-loop marketing.

Formulate a stable O2O model: offline experience and online sanction satisfy the shopping mentality of different types of customers and help to avoid the customer run-off possibly caused by the reason that they can’t see the things they are buying. The omni-channel operation model provides more choices for the customers.


Online and Offline-brand image extension on mobile internet; the most efficient marketing tool online and offline; standard configuration on mobile internet; realize business sanction and increase new profit channel on mobile internet; well prepared for future mobile internet marketing; establish owned media; keep the existing customers and master marketing channel; enhance industry competition.


AR means Augmented Reality. The AR technology is being applied to many contexts (Commercial Complex, Campus, and Scenic Spots). AR technology aims to help the users acquire the cloud-based data information via mobile applications in a personalized and cool way.

Adopt AR interaction design to enhance the user’s reality scene experience. Through the analysis, calculation, and learning of the scene data and image algorithm, build the deep learning model, screen the contents causing interest and personalized information, and collect the multi-dimensional environmental data in reality scene, which will serve to help the customers acquire effective information in a more convenient way.

Digital Shopping Guide

Upgrade Identification System: Custom-made Appearance, Dynamic Guide Information, Random Distribution Change

Improve User Experience: Comfortable Sensual Experience, Keep Information Updated, Innovation Application Integration

Satisfy Innovation Marketing: Business System Interface, Enrich Self-help Application, Face Internet Users