WINNER Technology VP, Pan Xiaojun: Diagnosis of big data management on shopper traffic in commercial real estate industry


Recently, on the China Commercial Real Estate Summit, Pan Xiaojun, VP of the WINNER Technology was invited and shared gave a speech about “Diagnosis of big data management on shopper traffic in commercial real estate industry”.

Multidimensional indicators got insight into changes of time and space in shopping malls.

The majority of shopping malls set total shopper traffic as the measurement. However, as Pan pointed, this is inadequate. There’s a demand for multidimensional indicators to deeply analyze data in commercial real estate industry.

Behind the data and indicators: warming trend of the brick-and-mortar business.

After the declining tendency in 2016, the total amount of shopping malls showed a warming trend in 2017. The rise of traffic in third-tier cities and eastern regions stimulated national shopper traffic.Consumer shopping time shows an upward trend. The share of returning customer in the third-tier cities is significantly higher than that in the first-tier and second-tier cities. Holidays are the carnival to attract consumer traffic. In the meantime, the weekend effect rises continuously.The share of shopper traffic in retail industry goes down while that in catering industry goes up. It is the characteristic catering that becomes a new growth point.

At the end of his speech, Pan added, we need to make joint efforts to achieve win-win situation.

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