Brand Chain Store


As a large multinational corporation manufacturing sports shoes and apparels, Puma was founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Since 2010, WINNER has become the vendor of Puma’s shopper traffic counting system and service. 


"BE MY SELF.SEXY.COOL” comprise the main tone of moussy. Moussy’s shoppers are targeted on the fashionable and independent females with clear self-image, life attitude and influence. On Nov. 11th, 2010, moussy opened its first direct-sale store in Shanghai, declaring its market expansion in China. It will also continue to open more stores, including Shanghai Xintiandi store.

Since 2010, WINNER has become the designated supplier of moussy’s shopper traffic counting system and service in China.


Nike, with its headquarter in Beaverton, Oregon, America, is the world-famous sports manufacturer.

Since 2008, WINNER Technology has officially become the traffic counting system and service supplier of hundreds of Nike stores in China Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. WINNER’s IPVA system has also been a standard deployment for Nike direct sale stores.

Nike can have an accurate understanding of the conversion rate of its stores by analyzing the traffic data to timely modify their business strategies for more efficient store performance.


As an international young fashion brand, ESPRIT apparel is fashionable and competitively priced. It has over 800 direct-sale stores and more than 14,000 dealers in over forty countries, with a total sale coverage area of over 1.1 million squares.

Since 2010, WINNER has become the standard supplier of its shopper footfall counting systems in China.


As a retailor specializing on appliance sales (mobile phone, computer, digital camera included), Shenzhen Sundan Ltd. has already had thirty-nine stores under its management now.

Since 2009, WINNER has become the designated provider of Sundan’ s shopper traffic counting system and service.


BeLLE’s business map covers around 300 cities in eleven regions across China, including Northeastern, Northern, Northwestern, Eastern, Central, Southern, and Southwestern parts, Luyu, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Hong Kong, and Macau. It has over 10,000 shoe and sports apparels direct-sale stores, including 200 retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau.

Since 2010, WINNER has been providing BeLLE with shopper traffic counting solution and service.