Exhibition & Scenic Spot

Brazil Pavilion

The Brazil Pavilion is located at Area C in Exposition Park with a total covering area of about 2,000 square meters.

The external architectural appnearance of the Brazil Pavilion is of a net structure, similar to"Bird Nest", using environment-protection and recycle materials. The Brazil Pavilion mainly includes several small exhibition halls, like" Urban Scene", "Vibrant and Enthusiastic Brazil", and "Happy Brazil", and a series of theme galleries, where you will experience the urban life full of energy by way of high-tech and various cultural, art, and commerce activities.

A total of four IPVA cameras are installed at the entrance and exit of the pavilion for capturing and analyzing the visitor traffic at each time periods. 

Monaco Pavilion

Monaco Pavilion is located at Area C in Exposition Park. Its outer wall is surrounded by several rounds of blue light water pipes. Inside the Pavilion, you will see the HD movies, decorated old street feasting your eyes to Monaco urban scenes and characteristic animals and plants, short video introducing renowned Monaco F1 Grand Award, and Ferrari Racing exhibition, etc. , all which give the visitor a good understanding of Monaco's precious historical cultural heritages and its prosperous urban development process.

IPVA cameras are installed at the main entrances and exits of the Monaco Pavilion based on its specific needs. IPVA data server is also deployed inside for the personnel to master the visitor traffic situation in a timely way.

GM Pavilion

GM Pavilion is located at Area E, in Exposition Park. Fused into the design elements of automobiles, the Pavilion's appearance presents a spiral circle as a symbol of constantly spurt and rising energy, a promising future for automobile industry.

While inside the Pavilion, a great picture of people's good wishes for future urban mobile system takes on: zero emission, no car accidents, no dependence on the petroleum, no traffic congestion, and lots of fun in driving and taking a ride, etc.. In the Pavilion, the visitors get to get on a time travel from the past to the future 2030.

Considering the high playing frequency of theme movies, which requires that the visitor traffic be quickly assigned to each audience area within 7 minutes between intervals, Winner Technology co-developed with the Pavilion to reduce the update time of traffic data to less than one second to greatly help the Pavilion in distributing large traffic flow in real short time!

Gungdong Pavilion

The Guangdong Pavilion is located on 1F of China Pavilion, Area A, Exposition Park. The pavilion is characteristic of Guangdong overhang and paper cutting craftsmanship. It is divided into three exhibition areas: "Green Life", "Green City" and "Green Myth", where the pursuit for green life is vividly presented through high-tech methods and fascinating imagination, full of fun. The green myth showed in the stunt movie is particularly breath-taking and moving; while in "Get-together" part, the beautiful picture of Guangdong green life is revealed by the way of " Triple space and time " and public art activities.

Four IPVA cameras are installed at the entrance of the Pavilion for the counting and analysis of the visitor traffic data.

China Telecom Business Hall

China Telecom business hall at Shanghai Exposition Park is specifically located at the axis of Area B. As the cooperative partner of China Telecom, Winner Technology's IPVA system has also been put into operation in its business hall at exposition garden, which will show you the outstanding potentials of scientific technology!