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Winner Technology, Is an outstanding artificial intelligence and big data industry solution service provider

Winner Technology, founded in 2004, is an outstanding artificial intelligence and big data industry solution service provider, which was listed on GEM in 2017 (stock code: 300609.SZ).


Based on offline brick-and-mortar business scenarios, Winner Technology uses ABI to provide service on data collection, data management and data operation. Since its establishment, Winner Technology has been focusing on the digitization of offline brick-and-mortar business, striving to push forward the establishment of offline business big data platform, and promoting the integration of industry data as well as in-depth mining and application of data value.


Winner Technology’s product solutions and services help shopping malls and retails, improve management efficiency and achieve digital upgradation. Until now, Winner Technology has provided analytic service on offline customer behavior for over 1,800 shopping malls and over 50,000 brand retail stores in China. Up to now, more than 1200 shopping malls have been connected to the data platform of “WINNER YUN” which annually analyzes offline customer flow of over 10 billion people.


Since 2016, Winner Technology has released WINNER TRAFFIC INDEX (WTI) report of offline business, which truthfully reflects the trend of China’s brick-and-mortar business customer flow,and a guide to the trend of China's business.


Besides HQ in Shanghai, we have 11 branches and subsidiaries, 3 R&D centers and more than 200 service points, covering more than 400 cities and regions in China.




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Technology strength

WINNER Technology owns a product research and development team composed of a number of top data scientists and senior technical elites at home and abroad.

Led by international leading experts in the field of business big data analysis, a group of experts team from renowned research institutions and consultancy institutions make profound combination of entity commerce’s business scenarios with the world’s frontier data model and analytic method, customize leading products and services of the industry’s data application by applying WINNER YUN unique data resources, conduct real-time insight into industry trends as well as comprehend commercial data’s value.

With constant innovation, WINNER Technology has successively won a series of honorary titles such as “National High-tech Enterprise”,“Shanghai Innovative Enterprise”,“Shanghai Little Giant Enterprise of Science and Technology” and so on. The company’s products and technologies have accumulated 40 software copyrights, 41 patents and more than 154 proprietary intellectual property rights.

Winner Yun
Providing brick-and-mortar business operation with products and services for supporting diagnosis, evaluation, prediction and decision-making by centering on WINNER Technology’s unique offline data and integrating data resources and capabilities of various parties.