WINNER Technology Won Golen i Award “The Best Commercial Influence Of The Year”  On i-China Forum 2017


i-China Forum 2017, jointly hosted by eNet&Ciweek and the Information Research Center of CASS, was held in Beijing on DEC. 18th.

Because of the authoritative influence within this industry, the evaluation of Golden i Award has draw much attention. Having made efforts for over ten years on data service of offline brick-and-mortar business, WINNER Technology was honored to be awarded“The Best Commercial Influence Of The Year.

The theme of this forum was “Service Experience Is Going To Be Changed”. Entrepreneurs and scholars from various industries were invited to share their idea on the development of this industry in depth. Barnny Chan, VP and Retail Application Business Unit GM of WINNER Technology, was invited to this forum and gave a speech, which topic was“Data Speaks for Retail”.

The rapid development of mobile Internet re-structured new business. The development of new technology and AI made it possible for customers, sights and products to be connected through data. “Data could objectively tell you something that never happened before or some results that you never imagined,”said by Barnny Chan. WINNER Technology focused on the data of consumer insight behavior, showing customer portraits, hanging behaviors and hot-zone distributions. We provided data service by on-demand customization and showed multiple operation indicators including conversion ratio.

Currently, retailing management has changed from operation revenue, financial revenue to shopper traffic. Barnny noted that“We not only provide equipment on data collection and analytics, but also make efforts on application, say, how to maximize the retail brand through data.”In his opinion,“you sell what I exactly want to buy, that’s the best experience.”The real value of data or technology is to offer intelligence to future retailing. For example, the intelligent store solutions from WINNER Technology made the unknown to be recognized through the perception of stores, hot-zones and operations. It was helpful for bringing the joy of consumption back, making people enjoy the shopping experience.

As one of the best companies in doing offline brick-and-mortar business data service, WINNER Technology has been dedicated to build the bridge between online and offline business. Through numerous data mining, product innovation and application value output, new commercial life will be inspired. Until now, WINNER Technology has provided offline shopper behavior analytics for over 1,000 shopping centers, department stores and 20,000 brand chain stores.

Golden i Award represented the future of new economy industry in the field of Internet. It was also the prize to praise company innovations and industry contributions. In future, WINNER Technology will continuously promote indigenous R&D and innovate high-quality data service to promote the development of the whole business system.


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