WINNER Technology Chairman Mr. Zhang Hongjun: Positioning and Rebuilding; Sail On A New Voyage in 2018


“We are now using ABI (AI, Big data and IoT) to provide data collection, data management, and data operation services, specific to offline scenarios.” WINNER Technology Chairman Mr. Zhang Hongjun said on the Annual Conference of Year 2017.

Since the establishment, WINNER Technology has been innovating and progressing continuously. In the past year, we have got a full harvest. We will work harder and forge ahead in the future.

Big events in 2017

1. WINNER Technology went A-share listed on GEM on Feb. 15th

This was the event that provided new opportunities and new platforms for us. We will carry over the reliability and honor with a grateful heart.

2. The establishment of “WINNER Technology Party Branch” was approved by the Party Committee in LJZ Finance and Trade Zone, Shanghai Pudong New Area.

Only if we follow the right direction, can we move along in the right path.

3. Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau awarded “WINNER Brand” as Shanghai Famous Brand.

It has been 13 years since the foundation of WINNER Technology, we will start from here and move ahead.

4. The Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industry Project“Urban Commercial Circle Traffic Data Collection and Analysis Platform”won the second prize of scientific and technological advancement in Jinshan district; and the Shanghai Software and Integrated Circuit Industry Development Special Fund Project “The Digital Precision Marketing Platform R&D Based on Commercial Big Data Collection and Analysis” got acceptance inspection.

We combined “Data, Technology and Consumer Behavior Insight” perfectly with the enterprise conviction of constant strive for excellence.

5. The R&D projects obtained support from 2017 Shanghai Information Development Special Fund (smart city construction) and 2017 Shanghai Service Industry Guiding Fund.

The development of WINNER Technology can’t break away from the support of the government and industry.

6. We continually promote independent innovations and got 7 newly applied patents for inventions in 2017.

With cumulative investment on technology research and development, WINNER Technology tried to provide top-class products and services for customers.

7. Various business indicators have kept year-on-year growth.

We will promote the competitiveness to cover more cities and serve more customers in the future.

Mr. Zhang pointed out that we couldn’t have gained so much without the efforts of everyone. In 2018, WINNER Technology will sail on a new voyage regarding data service for offline scenarios with new technologies.

“It is a time that industry iteration and transboundary becomes extremely rapid. We need to focus on the industry and pay attention to the iteration within this industry. Time is changing, so the product, technology, business, organization and culture need to adjust accordingly. We should not look at the future based on now, but think about today in the perspective of future. When talking about the plans in 2018, we need to stand in the further future.”


Images about the future

Kevin Kelly, known as “Internet Predictor”, made a prediction about ten technological trends in the next 25 years. Mr. Zhang shared his idea with the fellow to learn what the future would be like.

Future technologies will change from fixed products to flow format.

Flow data will bring technical hyperbody.

Usage rights are superior to ownership.

Highly customization approaches can be gained by track.

AI will extend second industrial revolution.

VR will become one kind of social media.

Sharing and Cooperation. with the impact of sharing economy, the extension of sharing lies on cooperation.

Screen search. There will be adaptive screens that meet the demands of users.

Asking is more valuable than answering. The meaning of a good question is to bring out a new question rather than answering the question itself.

This is a good time. When comparing the present with the future, it is easy to find that competition is less in nowadays and the entry cost is lower as well.

Kevin Kelly’s predictions, ten technological trends in the next 25 years, lead to the thinking about future. What would the future be like? Is there any connection between us and the future? What should we do now?

“No matter which industries are we in, even real estate, agriculture, hotel, fashion and finance, data is needed in every industry. Data is as important as customers. We are all in a data world, however, the data itself is worthless. Only when data is connected with data and business, can it play a role. It is the future trend that all the data begin to flow and to be linked together.”

This is corresponded with the mission of WINNER Technology: Facilitate the technology innovation for offline smart shopping and establish the data platform for brick-and-mortar business. “WINNER Technology is building a data platform for brick-and-mortar business and making those data flow. We are moving to a better status following the trends of development in the next 25 years.” said by Mr. Zhang.


Key words in 2018: positioning and rebuilding

“From the perspective of the future, we firmly believe that the mission of WINNER Technology is to facilitate the technology innovation for offline smart shopping. Now we have Smart Store and Smart Shopping solutions. Next, we will use AI, Big data, IoT to facilitate the technological innovations within the industry. The position of WINNER Technology is to use ABI to provide data collection, data management, and data operation services, specific to offline scenarios.” Mr. Zhang said.

The prospect of WINNER Technology is to be the largest offline consumption data supplier in China. “In 2018, whether company or individual, we all need to get a clear understanding of the situation and rebuild ourselves to combat the changes in the future. Now we have a new platform. It is just a beginning. Let’s pull for WINNER Technology and let it be the proud of us. Besides, let’s make it an honor to be a WINNER!”

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