WINNER Technology Chairman Mr. Zhang Hongjun: Establish data management system for brick-and-mortar business


China Commercial Real Estate Summitwas successfully held in Shanghai on April 14th.

Mr. Zhang Hongjun, the chairman of WINNER Technology was invited to the summit and shared his idea about the application of big data in brick-and-mortar business.

Three important data were pointed in the 2017 China’s Brick-and-Mortar Business Shopper Traffic Tendency Report published by WINNER Technology

1. national shopper traffic has returned in 2017

2. shopper traffic in different cities all showed an upward trend

3. the average shopping time of customers increased in 2017.

As it was mentioned in Mr. Zhang’s speech, there were three phenomena in 2017.

1. The fusion of online and offline has become a common view.

2. Transaction of the brick-and-mortar business has started.

3. The Internet giant all enter into the brick-and-mortar business and bring a new wave of AI and big data application in this field.

Mr. Zhang summarized three points to these phenomena.

1. it is essential to establish data management system for brick-and-mortar business.

2. the research of big data in brick-and-mortar business should start with sites instead of customers.

3. data needs to be floated and shared.


In future,  WINNER Technology will use ABI(AI+Big data+IoT)to provide service on data collection, data management and data operation to offline sights.

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