Winner Technology’s Debut at WAIC 2019 Envisions the Future of AI Business


From August 29th to 31st Shanghai held the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2019) at Shanghai EXPO Center and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition. With the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity Infinite Possibilities," the 2019 WAIC was co-organized by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Net Information Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shanghai Municipal Government.

Winner Technology was invited to participate in “2019 WAIC”

The event is a rendezvous and a platform for promoting exchange and cooperation among world-top artificial intelligence icons, such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba Group, Tencent and Huawei. Winner Technology (Stock Code: 300609.SZ ) was invited to attend the exhibition as a global premium offline business data products and service provider to present AI and big data down-to-earth applications and services based on offline brick-and-mortar businesses.


A Brand New Future, a Vision of AI+ Era

Unmanned retail, autopilot vehicle, smart banking, telemedicine and so many new-generation AI products and services are springing up and spreading on a global scale. They begin to fuel our economic and social development and make profound changes to our work and life styles.

In July, 2018, the State Council issued Development Planning of New Generation Artificial Intelligence. The document pointed out that, by 2030, China would become the globally important AI innovation center. At the NPC & CPPCC held in 2019, AI was mentioned for the third time in the Report on the Work of the Government. In the report, Premier of the State Council said that “speeding up the growth of emerging industries, strengthening R&D and the application of big data and artificial intelligence technologies” are government work tasks in 2019. As the core drive of the new dawn of technological revolution and industry transformation, AI technology has been recognized as a national strategy. The industry of AI technology has entered a golden period of large-scale scene application, as a new driving force of economic development.

AI technology, one of the three major industries of Shanghai, has stepped onto the global stage as one of the critical areas representing our country in global cooperation and competition. The event of 2019 WAIC is a showcase of Shanghai’s good position and determination to undertake the responsibility to open up and share with the world this opportunity of AI development.

AI + business Winner Technology Scene Application Gains Attention

 Winner Technology is a global premium offline business data products and service provider. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has started to research and develop AI applications based on offline brick-and-mortar business scenarios. It has 15 years of industrial experience, as one of the earliest AI-related scene application researchers and developers in China. 

Winner Technology uses ABI, namely AI + Big Data + IoT, to provide services on data collection, data management and data operation based on offline brick-and-mortar business scenarios.


Winner Technology × Huawei Exhibition Stand “Smart Retail” Sector Joint Exhibition

Winner Technology’s new generation Analytics Product made its debut at the exhibition. This new product is based on Huawei HiSilicon AI chip and Deep Learning Algorithms, which was presented in a joint exhibition with Huawei“Smart Retail” Sector. When artificial technology is set in a business scenario, AI chip is applied to off-line business. The joint exhibition has attracted many guests, visitors and media’s attention.


Ding Yao, President of Winner Technology, receives an interview from a CCTV reporter on the spot.

Shopping Mall Customer Flow Has Become a Guide to the Trend of Urban Business Development

Winner Technology has connected over 1500 shopping malls and over 50000 brand stores, covering more than 400 cities and regions. Its real-time data collection includes an annual average over 10 billion customers flow. In 2018, Winner Technology provided customer flow analysis of more than 12 billion. In the past few months of 2019, it has analyzed more than 9 billion national customer flow. 

Winner technology uses frontier data model and analytical approach to assess customer flow data collected from a wide range of cities and regions, with objective and accurate off-line business operation status and urban business environment. Its data products and services have become an effective guide to off-line investments and urban development in China.

Winner Technology owns the largest off-line business big data platform, “WINNER YUN”. The platform sets Winner’s exclusive off-line data at core, and integrates data and capacity from other facilities, to provide diagnosis, assessment, prediction and decision-making support products and services for off-line business operation. It has become a capable guide for off-line business to improve efficiency, boost healthy industrial development and ensure good consumption experience.

15 Years of Industrial Service in Big Data Scene Application

Winner Technology Exhibition Stand Gains Great Popularity

As an A-share listed company with 15 years extensive experiences in artificial technology and big data, Winner Technology has always been committed to scientific and technological innovation, product development, service systems and industry research. It helps to upgrade and develop collected terminal products based on computer vision technique to enrich data dimension and depth; it combines globally advanced data model and analytical approach with off-line business scenes to accomplish application capacities in statistics, analysis and prediction; it employs exclusive data resources to provide pioneering customized big data application products and service, quickly forming products and solutions to off-line business scenes, and enhancing off-line business digitalization transformation. 

Winner Technology, AI Led Business Future

Today, artificial intelligence development is given unprecedented priority, which gives us a fresh opportunity of industrial restructure and reinvention. 

Winner Technology Company Location 

In 2019, Winner Technology moved into the first national Pilot Area for the Innovative Development of New-Generation AI, also known as Zhangjiang AIsland. The company, together with IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba AI Chips and other AI industry giants, becomes the first “settler” on the AIsland, developing into an AI landmark in China. 

Winner Technology has a 15-year history of technological innovation and exploration. The company attaches great importance to customer needs, paying meticulous attention to the user end market. It has constantly driven and supported the research and development of AI and big data products based on user business scenario, creating and increasing their commercial value. An AI driven future awaits us and envisions a brand new business prospect!


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