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“Listen”- Analyze the project, understand the project background and implementation condition and risk.

Demand communication

“Feedback”- Make sure the function focus, key project anticipation in technology, conduct multi-dimensional demand analysis and architecture design.

Make a preliminary plan

formulate a scheme

Site Investigation
Planning Investigation
Device Installation Design

Based on your specific needs, our pre-sale support team will carry out the on-site observation and confirm your true requirements for the sake of tailoring the most plausible system implementation proposal for you.

Confirmation on site selection, project planning, supplementary condition, and other relevant factors

Site exploration

Detailed project design after comprehensive consideration on the project constitution, project scope, progress schedule, management and control measures, etc.

Develop detailed system design

Veteran technical staff produce applicable proposal and progress schedule to guarantee the project completion on time with quality.

Plan and Schedule

Proposal audit by professional project management staff

Program audit

Project Implementation

Scope Management
Process Management and Control
Change Control
Project Closure

We will appoint an experienced onsite project manager to be fully responsible for the whole implementation process.

Clear responsibilities for project staff and elaborate standard implementation

Implementation team

Device management and responsible party recognition

project management

System Debug, Change Control

Risk Management

Project Acceptance

Scope Management
Process Control
Change Control
Project Closure

After the finishing of system implementation and the trial running, our project implementation team will provide you the system operation training as well as the whole-package system approval material.

System Operation and Demand Communication

User training

Project Acceptance Contract and Intact Completion Material

Project data arrangement

Process, Function, Performance Acceptance

System acceptance

Follow-up Special Service

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